Fuel Tank Level Monitoring Systems Explained

Fuel Tank Level

What are fuel tank level monitoring systems? The main components of a fuel tank level monitoring system include sensors and transmitters. Fuel tanks are commonly equipped with an ultrasonic or radio frequency transmitter.

In which areas are fuel tank level monitoring systems applicable?

Fuel tank level monitoring systems are applicable in various sectors. For example, it is used to make a wireless tank control monitoring system of the chemical process. It is also used in fuel transport without risking fuel radiation safety. Additionally, it prevents fuel theft since it can work as a security alarm to prevent fuel theft.

With the development of science and technology, retailing gas stations, mines, and ships can also use fuel monitoring systems.

There are two types of fuel tank level monitoring systems: ultrasonic transmitter and RFID transmitter. The difference between these two technologies is that ultrasonic transmitters send a high-frequency acoustic wave to the sensor, converting it back into an electrical current to identify the tank’s liquid level. RFID technology relies on radio waves and a receiver.

How well are the fuel tanks equipped?

Fuel tanks are made of steel or composite materials. They have mounting flanges on the bottom and narrow slots along the sides for ventilation purposes. The tanks are below ground to discourage tampering. However, it leaves them vulnerable to leaks and potentially being filled to above capacity.

Fuel tanks are commonly equipped with an ultrasonic or radio frequency transmitter. The interior of the tank gets monitored by sensors equipped with an acoustic (ultrasonic) or radio (RFID) transmitter. A receiver detects the signal from a specific transmitter. It then receives it and targets the specific portion of the tank.

What are the benefits of using fuel tank monitoring systems

Fuel tank monitoring systems (FTMS) are an integrated part of a vehicle’s management system. They ensure that the driver can safely reach his destination on one full tank (of gas) regardless of how much fuel is left in the tank when driving bestems that aid fuel monitoring.
Below are some of them:

1. Fuel level sensors

The sensor sends information to a transmitter placed on the truck’s chassis. The signals are then sent to a receiver device installed inside the cab or at another fixed location.

That allows drivers to monitor current fuel levels for every part of their fleet. Sensors are useful in various commercial diesel engines, including those using biodiesel and clean-burning natural gas.

2. Tank gauges

They are digital or mechanical devices that provide an accurate reading of how much fuel remains in a tank. That way, the dispenser tanks can determine the right level of fuel to dispense to avoid overfilling or underfilling.

The gauges are available in analog or digital form. The best aspect of the latter is that they are easy to read and operate while mounted on bulk tanks. The devices activate safety shutoffs when a low-fuel condition gets triggered. They also signal drivers when to take on more fuel.

In other cases, the devices trigger alarms. It does that when there is an overflow or leak in a tank or dispenser. It helps in preventing fires that can result from spills.

3. Theft-detection systems

Tanks placed underground can help prevent theft by using RFID tags and real-time GPS tracking. That helps in detecting and reporting if anyone tries to move the tank.

4. Fuel control systems

Fuel tank monitoring systems regulate fuel distribution for large fleets and prevent drivers from taking on too much gas. Drivers have taken too much gas due to refueling multiple trucks in the past. Fortunately, the fuel tank monitoring systems help in avoiding that completely.

The device can use a single pump to dispense fuel in precise amounts, helping reduce waste caused by overfilling tanks.

5. Tracking systems

Companies can use fuel tank monitoring devices for fleet tracking purposes. They are effective in monitoring the location of each vehicle at any time. Some models also include automatic crash notification features. They transmit a distress signal and pinpoint the location when an accident occurs.

6. Remote data monitoring

Tank-monitoring devices have cellular connections that allow fleet managers, dispatchers, or other staff to monitor live data from anywhere. In some cases, the devices also include computer software. They help track fuel levels and provide related information in a graphical format.

What is the future of using fuel tank monitoring systems

The tank monitoring system allows the user to monitor the status of the fuel tank from a remote location frequently. That means that detection should happen before any leakage starts.

Installation is also necessary, and the user should install it correctly if one wishes to get accurate results out of the fuel tank monitoring system they have bought. Soon, there will be some changes to make fuel tank monitoring systems more …

Tips to Grow Your Business’ Customer Base

Business’ Customer Base

Winning over new customers can be challenging in every industry. Here are some things you can do to get more attention for your business and expand your base of customers.

Get New Signage

If your business is in an area with good visibility for people on the road and other passersby, it’s imperative that you have eye-catching and well-maintained signage. If the sign for your business is looking worse for the wear, it will reflect badly on your business.

Replacing old signage can prompt people who pass by your location every day to take notice of your business. For help from a custom sign shop Washington, reach out to a company that can help you choose the best option to represent your business.

Enhance Your Presence on Social Media

Even if you think social media isn’t particularly relevant to your business, bear in mind that a lot of people start their search for most products and services on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Create accounts on more than one social media platform if you haven’t already. Be sure to update them on a regular basis.

Engage People With a Direct Mail Campaign

The growing popularity of online shopping and digital marketing hasn’t totally phased out traditional advertising initiatives. If you want to engage people from a targeted location, a direct mail campaign is a great way to command attention.

You can choose a geographic radius around your business or send advertisements to entire zip codes. It’s usually a good idea to include some type of promotional offer with physical marketing materials that you send via mail so people who haven’t made a purchase from your business will feel more incentivized to make one.

Keeping your customer base growing can improve profits dramatically. No matter how busy you get, keep putting some time into your outreach efforts.…

3 Things to Do Before You Move


You finally found your dream home. It has just the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms for your family, the kitchen you’ve always wanted, and plenty of storage space. Make moving easier by using packing moving service Minneapolis MN and taking care of a few things now, before you even step foot on your new front lawn.

1. Get Rid of Things

Why pack items you don’t want or need any longer? You might have a couch that has seen better days or some sporting equipment for a hobby you gave up years ago. Take the time before you start packing to get rid of these. For items in good condition, consider selling them, either at a garage sale or online. You can also donate them to a local charity. Look up the options in your community for electronics recycling and hazardous household waste disposal. Don’t waste time or money transporting things you won’t use.

2. Make a Moving Day Plan

Figure out now what the schedule will be on the big day. If you have small children or pets, consider finding them a sitter so they aren’t underfoot. You might want to check out the restaurants around your new house ahead of time so you know what the options are for quick and easy meals once you get to your location. After a busy day, you might not feel like cooking!

3. Research Utility Companies

Make sure you know now the contact info for the suppliers of your water, electricity, gas, cable, and any other utilities. This will be incredibly helpful in setting up your new service. If you used a realtor, they can help you. Landlords and property management companies will also have this information handy.

Getting a new house is a big step in life! Moving day can be a little hectic, but it doesn’t have to be. Some preparation now will let you relax and look forward to all the good times you’ll have in your new place.…

What You Need To Know About Plumbing



Having some general knowledge about the plumbing in your home is a good idea. Here are some facts that can help you understand your water transport system and make minor repairs on your own.

Your Water Has a Source

Your water will either come from a well or public water. Typically, if you are in a rural area, you will have a well and no water bill. On the other hand, those in a town or city will have public water hookups and a water bill.

You Need To Test Your Water Quality

Whether you have well or city water, you should run quality tests. Do this once per year to ensure nothing has changed and that your water doesn’t need treatment.

There Are Smaller Shut-Off Valves Throughout Your Home

You can find small shut-off valves for most major appliances and fixtures in almost every Batavia plumbing system. For instance, if you look behind your washing machine, you should see a small handle near the wall. Toilets will usually have these close to the ground and behind the fixture. Sinks will have these underneath them in the pipes. Showers and bathtubs usually have these in the basement or a nearby closet. These are used to stop water from flowing to a fixture so you can make minor repairs or change it out without having to shut off the water to your entire home.

The Water Heater Gives You Hot Water

You will have a water heater that sucks cold water in and heats it. While it is important to know where yours is, you should always have a licensed plumber help you with any issues with your water heater.

Most people don’t know much about plumbing and tend to call a plumber for the littlest things. However, acquainting yourself with the items on this list will let you understand your home and make minor repairs on your own.…

Why Is Renting A Forklift Better Than Hiring One?

When you go for a Forklift Rental In Melbourne, you can save a lot of money that you would otherwise have had to spend if you had bought such a machine. These machines do not come cheap, and if you need over one, the costs can pile up pretty early on. You would have to spend a lot of money to buy such machines, and that can be considerably damaging as far as the bottom-line of your business is concerned. However, when you rent the same machine, you only have to pay a definite fee each day, week, or month. It is always easy to plan your budget when you have fixed expenses.

Some things to know while renting a forklift:

  • It offers scalability:

Therefore, so many smaller businesses hire these machines rather than going for Forklift Sales In Melbourne. Your business would never stay the same. At times in your business, you would need more machines than on other occasions. So, with a rental agreement, you can hire as many as you need. On the other hand, if you buy one there may be periods of no business where the machine would sit idle, and you would bleed money in maintaining and repairing it. So, renting also helps stop such wastage of money that can be so crucial for small businesses.

  • You do not have to pay money for repairing and maintaining the machine:

This is a major reason forklift rental in Melbourne is so much better than buying such a machine. It usually costs the owners of these machines a lot of money to repair and maintain them. However, when you hire such a machine, you would not have to pay any money to repair or maintain it as such. This is especially true where the machine has a fault for which you are not responsible. As a business owner, this gives you significant peace of mind too.

  • It provides you with operational efficiency:

Before you go for forklift sales in Melbourne as a business owner, you must remember that in Australia you have to be in line with the Australian Standards. There are safety and health laws that you have to follow in these cases. The companies that rent these machines usually offer ones that are not over 2 years old. This implies that your staff is always using the latest technology and equipment. This means that you are completing your work a lot quicker.

  • You enjoy greater flexibility:

Therefore, so many business owners opt for a forklift rental in Melbourne. This is a bonus when you consider the money you can save by hiring such a machine. For example, you can rent the forklift as long as you want to. It can be as long as a year or as little as a day. Therefore, it is such a viable option for businesses where the requirements are always changing. A lot of businesses in Australia have different levels of demand depending on seasons. This means that at certain parts of the year they would need the machine more than other times.…

Top 7 Tips for Tool Maintenance

Tool Maintenance

Custom tools made with injection molds can break. However, the proper maintenance can help reduce issues and make your tools last longer. Here are some maintenance tips for anyone working with custom tools.

1. Brush Your Tool

If you want to keep your tools, you need to brush them. By keeping them clean, you ensure that they work properly. This is especially true for those that are powered by electric motors. Failing to keep them clean is a major maintenance issue among electric-powered tools. The result is often overheating, which causes expensive problems to repair.

2. Add More Power

Another issue that can create problems is not giving the motor enough power. This can happen when you use too high of a gauge extension cord, too long an extension cord, having an unstable power source, or having nicks in the power cord.

3. Lube up Tools

When it comes to air-powered tools, more lube is always the answer. If you want to keep these items running for a long time, keep a jar of oil nearby. The oil prevents rust on your metal and ensures that your seals and gaskets are still working properly. It also keeps air, moisture, and debris from landing on the compressor. It is common for air-powered tools to experience poor maintenance. This occurs for a variety of reasons. Obviously, a big problem is not oiling often enough.

4. Protect Your Investments

Properly storing your equipment can mean the difference between long, uninterrupted use and frequent tool repairs. One big problem which causes tools to break is accidental falls. This can lead to cracks and other damages. Although this sounds like a user problem, it is really not. Most of the time, this occurs when no one is around, and the tools are damaged because they were not in a protective case.

Although maintenance seems like common sense, it is often overlooked when it comes to custom tools, which leads to broken equipment. By being smart and maintaining them properly, your tools with last a lot longer.…

A Quick Guide To Hiring Asbestos Removal Company In Surry Hills

Due to the harmful and hazardous effects of asbestos, there are several restrictions on the usage of asbestos as a building material. But back in time when these restrictions were not around, it was one of the materials that most contractors and construction companies widely used in the buildings that they made. If you find the presence of asbestos in your building, you must get rid of it as early as possible for the safety of you and your family. While many companies provide the service of asbestos removal in Surry Hills, one cannot risk hiring any company without any background research on knowledge about the company.

The following highlights some of the most important points that one needs to take into consideration while looking to hire a company that provides asbestos removal services in Surry Hills:

  1. Reputation and Experience:

One of the first things that one needs to take into account while looking to hire a particular company or contractor for taking up the task of asbestos removal in your building is the reputation of the company and its work experience. The experience and reputation of the company not only talks about their ability to undertake the task successfully with minimum possible risk but also indicates the level of satisfaction that they provide to the needs of their customers about the task of asbestos abatement. The best way to get an idea about the reputation of a company is to search online for reviews of their previous customers. One can also ask for suggestions on community platforms about the quality of work of the various companies that provide asbestos removal services. In addition to this, you should also ask your friends, relatives, or colleagues for suggestions of local asbestos removal service providers that they might have hired in recent past to get the first-hand experience of their customer experience.

  1. License and insurance:

As the task of asbestos removal involves a lot of risks, it is important to ensure that not only are the firm or company that you are looking to hire licensed but also have insurance cover for the service that they provide. This is important to take care of the situations when things might go wrong leading to some possible loss of property or life. It is also one’s responsibility to verify whether the company has a valid license and permit to undertake the task. The license is also an indication that the company workers who will be operating in your property have undergone proper training to undertake the task systematically. Also, one should check and verify the details of the insurance policy coverage of the company that is providing you with the asbestos removal services.

  1. Removal method:

The final most important thing that one needs to discuss when they meet the representatives of the companies that you have shortlisted to hire is the asbestos removal method that the will use. One needs to understand the willingness of the company to conduct an inspectional survey that indicates a great level of professionalism. Moreover, the company should make use of the state of art equipment and technologies to undertake the task with the most efficient and lowest risk procedure.

The Last Advice:

Although companies charge based on their level of expertise, one should never confuse a high cost with good quality of work and instead compare the prices to get a good deal.…

Go Green and Save Money With Residential Solar Panels

Residential solar panels are quickly becoming a popular way to supplement or even replace traditional electrical power. This is due in part to rising energy costs and a growing awareness by consumers of global warming. With millions of people looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint solar power has seen a resurgence with new DIY (do it yourself) installations and solar companies leading the charge. Just a few decades ago when solar power first emerged it was considered too difficult and expensive to implement, but with recent advances in technology more people are harnessing the power of the sun. These solar energy-producing machines cost less than a few hundred dollars to make and are now well within reach.

Replacing Up to 80 Percent of Your Home’s Energy Needs

There are many advantages to solar power of which reducing your electric bill is the most obvious benefit. Residential solar panels are capable of replacing up to 80 percent of your home’s energy needs. The amount of power these panels generate depends on the amount of time they are exposed to the sun. If you happen to live in an area that has year-round sunshine, then your electric needs are solved.

Calculating How Much Power is Needed During a Specific Interval

Another strategy that homeowners are employing is reselling their excess power back to the electric utility companies. This is easily done by calculating how much power is needed during a specific interval. Once that figure is ascertained then all that needs to be done is to increase the number of panels and batteries since these dictate how much electricity you will be producing. This can be a wise investment for your home and pocketbook along with being great for the environment.

Using Materials Easily Found at Your Local Hardware Store

Residential solar panels can be store-bought, expensive, or built using materials easily found at your local hardware store. Many people opt for the do it yourself route and there are many good guides that can walk you step by step on how to make a solar panel. These panels can be made inexpensively by using ordinary household tools and a good guide. Whichever route you take, you will continue to reap returns into the future.

Current environmental and economic conditions are forcing us to make hard choices on how we live and use our resources. With the viability of renewable energy and people becoming aware of our planet’s health, we are adapting to new technologies in order to thrive and survive. Energy sources like the sun and wind are helping to forge a new era and residential solar panels are at the forefront of this change.…