3 Things to Do Before You Move


You finally found your dream home. It has just the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms for your family, the kitchen you’ve always wanted, and plenty of storage space. Make moving easier by using packing moving service Minneapolis MN and taking care of a few things now, before you even step foot on your new front lawn.

1. Get Rid of Things

Why pack items you don’t want or need any longer? You might have a couch that has seen better days or some sporting equipment for a hobby you gave up years ago. Take the time before you start packing to get rid of these. For items in good condition, consider selling them, either at a garage sale or online. You can also donate them to a local charity. Look up the options in your community for electronics recycling and hazardous household waste disposal. Don’t waste time or money transporting things you won’t use.

2. Make a Moving Day Plan

Figure out now what the schedule will be on the big day. If you have small children or pets, consider finding them a sitter so they aren’t underfoot. You might want to check out the restaurants around your new house ahead of time so you know what the options are for quick and easy meals once you get to your location. After a busy day, you might not feel like cooking!

3. Research Utility Companies

Make sure you know now the contact info for the suppliers of your water, electricity, gas, cable, and any other utilities. This will be incredibly helpful in setting up your new service. If you used a realtor, they can help you. Landlords and property management companies will also have this information handy.

Getting a new house is a big step in life! Moving day can be a little hectic, but it doesn’t have to be. Some preparation now will let you relax and look forward to all the good times you’ll have in your new place.